My 19-year-old couldn’t find himself in any yeshiva. He was negative, weak, and pulling other bochurim down with him. Now, I cringe that I thought of him as weak: my perspective of my son has changed, and, slowly, so has he.

Today, he has become my most positive child, with a real love for people and Yiddishkeit. He’s the life of our family and everyone is pulled towards him and his sparkling personality.

M. T.

For 6 years, I’ve been trying any therapy available for my daughter, who was withdrawn and uncommunicative. The concepts I learned in Sod Ha'adam naturally became a part of the way I related to her. Baruch Hashem, I finally see the light in her eyes.


As a reading specialist, I deal with many complex cases that have gone untreated for years. I thought I had seen everything, but I had never encountered such a hopelessly disabled reader as one particular boy. In sheer desperation, I recalled what I had just heard at the Sod Ha'adam speech: that every aspect of a human being is intertwined, with emotions — including learning disabilities. So I asked the child’s mother if she’d be willing to undertake some extra steps for him, as described in the course… and… if I weren’t the child’s therapist, I would never have believed this – but within one week he was reading!

L. K.

I learned to live and accept my situation. Emunah, bitachon, tears and tefillos pulled me through every day. And then I came across Sod Ha’adam. Finally, there was something tangible — Torah-true, practical guidance that actually changed my situation. It’s incredible to see how the wisdom of the Torah applies in 2019. Finally, I have clarity and answers.

T. P.

My husband and marriage needed a big boost. Having just heard and been awed by Sod Ha’adam, I figured I’d try out one of its teachings. To my utter astonishment, not only did some of the desired results quickly begin to materialize, but after the first week or two, my husband commented, 'I don’t know why, but for the first time in years I no longer seem to need a midday nap'.


I had learned Shemiras Halashon and Ahavas Habrios over and over again. But after hearing the Sod Ha'adam speech only once, I gained an entirely new perspective. My relationships with others are now in a completely new dimension. All those near and dear to me are the direct beneficiaries of Sod Ha’adam – but none as much as me!


After a 40-year miserable marriage, I no longer dreamed that still in my lifetime I could experience happiness and true connection. I now feel that I was born anew.

G. F.

How can I thank Hashem enough for the total turnabout that took place between my daughter and me? My new understanding of her has transformed our previous relationship — cold silences and silent fury — into a beautiful, uplifting, flowing relationship, resulting in an outpouring of her tremendous positive energies.

S. R.

I was recently brainstorming with a group of choshuve mechanchos on how to mentor teenagers who are addicted to technology. ‘Step Number 1,’ I told them, ‘is to talk to Rebbetzin Tukchinsky about her Sod Ha'adam guidelines that address dealing with such teenagers. From there, b’ezras Hashem we will proceed successfully.’

R. H., high school principal

As a practicing therapist for over a decade, I treat many different emotional health issues. But for the first time in my life, through Sod Ha'adam, I finally realize that every aspect of a Yid —  his or her physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, behavioral, etc. —  are all one single entity! It has transformed the way I approach each client, from treating issues as individual and disconnected, to a truly holistic, whole-person treatment.


I’m feeling a new, smooth flow of life. Sod Ha’adam touches upon every part of me: my feelings, thinking, goals, middos, and avodas Hashem. Guilt has turned into acceptance; anger into understanding; anxiety into tranquility. I now know that my world and the world of Hakadosh Baruch Hu is one. I never realized how wholesome and true Jewish life really is.


I am amazed at what happened to my family. I now realize that it’s not about my teaching them how to be happy, loving, and accepting; it’s about my becoming all that, so that it naturally just spills over onto my family and others.