Level 1

Level 1

Binyan Nefesh Ha’adam

Level 1

Binyan Nefesh Ha’adam

Binyan Nefesh Ha’adam reveals the secret of understanding the nefesh a Yid. By reconnecting to our core, we allow new channels to open, to life, to healing. The science of Sod Ha’adam penetrates the mind and then revives the heart. It peels away the imposed or self-inflicted negativity to release the wellspring of richness, vitality, purity and joy that is always alive within the essence of a Yid.

Through the process of awareness and inner work, the walls of numbness within ourselves are thawed; the voices that doubt our values and worthiness are quieted; the waves of confusion are stilled. And one is empowered, energized, revived by the emes.

Sod Ha’adam reveals the secret of how we can so realistically obtain what our neshamos know we need in order to live lives of true happiness and deep satisfaction. It is the exhilarating experience of becoming newly – and deeply - connected to our own selves first, and then extending that deep connection to those dearest to us – our husbands, children, siblings, students and everyone else around us.

Allow the natural magnificence of yourself, and your world, to burst forth.

It’s the way Hashem intended for every Yid to thrive and shine.

Level 1 Program - 5780


24 teleconference classes, runs from:

ז' חשון (November 5th, 2019) through כ"ד סיון (June 16, 2020)


Presented live on Tuesdays, from 10:00 AM to 11:10 AM, Eastern Standard Time. Followed by 20 minutes of live Q&A


Participants listen to the classes by dialing our hotline from their registered phone number, without the use of a pin. 

Course Details

There will be a two-week mid-winter break. For the dates, please view the Calendar.

In case of a change in any dates, there will be a message on the hotline.

A playback recording of each class will be available for playback for the duration of the course until Friday after Tisha B'av, July 31 2020.

Classes are not accessed with pin numbers. Once you sign up, our system will open the line for your phone number within the 24 hours after the completion of your registration. You can provide up to 2 numbers, you home number and mobile number, at registration.

Upon signing up, participants will receive a complementary handbook in the mail with a summary of topics that will be covered in the course. 

Questions and Answers:

Following each class, there will be 20 minutes of questions and answers. This time will be divided in two.  Part of it will be used to answer questions that were submitted in advance by fax or email.  The rest of the time will be open for live questions and answers.

To ask your question live, wait for the end of the class.  When Reb. Tukachinsky announces that she is now taking live questions, press *1. By pressing this option, you will be placed on a queue. The first on the queue will get an automated notification that she is now first on the queue and can ask a question.

The number of questions answered will depend on time availability.

We will try to get to as many questions as possible.

Signing up for this course does not guarantee that your questions will be addressed.

Sod Ha'Adam Hotline

Phone registration and access to classes is via our hotline. Please select the phone number that is most convenient for your location. 

Belgium: 03 500 3483
Israel: 079 704 0083