Foundation Course
בנין נפש האדם

Gain an understanding of the whole person.

Foundation Course

Binyan Nefesh Ha’adam

Do you wish that you could...

Feel closer to the people around you?

Understand yourself better?

Acquire deep inner happiness?

Give your children a confident, connected mother?

Help your students or others in their emotional struggles?


Sod Ha’adam, the secret of every one of us, helps you better understand yourself and others by revealing the truth:

At our essence, each of us is pure.

From that place of light revealed, you can fearlessly face your own and others’ weaknesses and recognize that they are your greatest assets. 

Culled directly from Torah, this essential, deep, and novel approach reflects a profound understanding of human nature.

Sourced in the Book of Life.

What better way to learn about human nature than from the Creator, Himself?  A Yid’s nefesh is unique, and the Torah gives us the formula for understanding, building, and healing, treating not just symptoms but the core of our being.

See the world in a whole new light.

When our inner light
gets blocked, we may:

Lack clarity and self confidence.

Have a hard time giving to others.

Suffer from anxiety or depression.

Feel the need to “fix” everyone.

Avoid people that overwhelm us emotionally.

Become enslaved to addictive behaviors.

Avoid addressing a child’s difficulties.

Let voices of guilt, shame, and fear guide us.

When you begin from
within, you will:

Consciously create the life you desire.

Enjoy life and the people around you.

Attain deep and lasting happiness.

Find inner peace and security.

Unlock your inner world to include others.

Leave your “personal Mitzrayim.”

Empower your child for lasting growth.

Easily tune into the voice of Emes.

Unblock your inner light.

From the Sod Ha’adam Inbox...

Connect to the root of it all.

Transform yourself and your relationships, starting at the very core and bring your inner world into a state of self-acceptance, peace, meaningful joy, and inner strength.

✔️ Weekly live 1.5 hour classes every Tuesday

✔️ Weekly live Q&A session

✔️ Access recordings via hotline or online

✔️ Direct, efficient system to get questions answered

✔️ 22 classes across 6 months


*Past attendees are eligible

for a 50% discount

Begins ר״ח כסלו | November 17

Registration opens on October 21