New Course!

Expansion Course | קומי אורי

Awaken Your Essence.

You’ve already taken the foundational lessons of Sod Ha’adam. 

You know the essential truth: there is purity, goodness, and unimaginable greatness inside all of us. 

Now, access that greatness.

Are you ready to meet yourself?

The very real, sometimes hidden, always 

wonderful parts of your inner world?

The Expansion Course will take you on a journey to your essence and uncover the blockages, layer by layer, that obscure the greatness within you.

Through the foundations of Shabbos, you will learn the key to awakening and restoring the true self and access deep menuchas hanefesh.

Sourced in the Book of Life.

What better way to learn about human nature than from the Creator, Himself?  A Yid’s nefesh is infinitely great, though often hidden beneath many layers. The teachings of this course elucidate the Torah’s formula for unveiling and accessing its enormous power.

Find the greatness inside you.

When we feel “stuck”
in our own minds, we may:

Be caught in the hamster wheel of life, unable to experience inner peace.

Have a hard time talking to Hashem 

and connecting through tefillah.

Listen to the voices of our ego (shame and blame) and get mired in our minds.

Let our inner critic rule our minds, judging us for every move we make.

View ourselves as victims, unable to move past our past.

When you learn to access
the light inside, you will:

Harness the secrets of Shabbos 

to self-heal each week.

Reveal the natural flow of connection between you and Hashem. 

Rewire your own thought patterns and choose to listen to the voice of the soul.

Silence the critic, befriend yourself, and access true growth from there.

Let go of victimhood and connect to ratzon: the power to choose your own reality.

Join us on a journey of your inner soul.

See yourself in a whole new light.

Address the challenges that make you feel stuck – and be empowered to face them, understand them, and work through them, restoring and awakening your true self.

This entirely new course is for members who have 

completed Level 1 and/or last year’s Level 1 and 2.

✔️ Weekly live 1.5 hour classes every Monday

✔️ Weekly live Q&A session

✔️ Access recordings via hotline or online

✔️ Direct, efficient system to get questions answered

✔️ 20 classes across 6 months


Begins ר״ח כסלו | November 17

Registration opens on October 21