Three Courses

One Core

Access your growth via

teleconference or the

Sod Haadam online platform.

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Foundation Course

בנין נפש האדם

The secret to building,
the secret to healing.

Gain an understanding
of the whole person. Get past the
stumbling blocks that stand in your
way to inner clarity and resilient

Begins י"ב כסלו תשפ"ב | November 16, 2021

Expansion Course

עורה כבודי

The secret to uncovering
the greatness within.

Take a journey to your essence.
Uncover the blockages that obscure
greatness within you and reveal natural
inner joy and peace.

Begins י"ג כסלו תשפ"ב | November 17, 2021


Master Class

הבנת נפשׁ האדם

The secret to achieving
a true understanding of people

Learn how to unlock the
mysteries that lie beneath the surface.
Discover how to help people in a true
and meaningful way.

Begins י"ב כסלו תשפ"ב | November 16, 2021

The Book

Sourced in
the Book of Life

What better way to learn about human nature than from the Creator
Himself? The teachings throughout this course, culled directly from Torah,
reveal and clarify the Torah’s timeless perspectives on human nature.