About Sod Ha’Adam

About Sod Ha’Adam

About Sod Ha’Adam


Sod Ha’adam presents the secret of mankind and specifically, of the nefesh of a Yid. It is the secret to understanding oneself and others. The lessons in Sod Ha’adam encompass the totality of our beings; the physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual aspects – and reveals how they are all inseparably intertwined.

The basic premise of Sod Ha’adam’s science is the untainted truth: that the core of every single Yid is pure and wholesome. We are each infused with our very own unique inner power and greatness. When negative behaviors or problems develop, it simply means that the core has been blocked. As such, Sod Ha’adam reveals the secret of slowly peeling off the blockages and then naturally reconnecting to one’s own true essence.  Its refreshingly incomparable and wholesome approach to difficulties of all kinds, opens doors wide - to a new world of unprecedented healing and building.

Sod Ha’adam dispels the darkness of confusion and empowers us to move past the chaos of outside voices, to tune in to the purity of our own inner voice – the voice of emes. As new lines of communication open, the glory of each individual begins to emerge, spreading new light to those around us. Sod Ha’adam presents the unparalleled gift of living life - alive.

Many ask, why do all those who participate in the Sod Ha’adam courses continue to ask for more, even as the year’s curriculum ends? The answer is that Sod Haadam is not only about learning - acquiring knowledge and knowhow. It’s about becoming. Transformation is a deep and deliberate process.

The teachings of Sod Ha'adam are straightforward and uncomplicated. They’re not about methods, strategies, what-to-do-in this case or that, guidelines or tools. There are no technical terms or concepts to memorize and master. They are about—and only about—grasping a deep understanding of the nefesh ha’adam —our own and that of others. As one works his way through the process, one will find his blockages and challenges gradually becoming more manageable and even fading, and - incredibly - replaced by a new, deep, inner calm.

Sod Ha’adam is a natural way of reconnecting to the truth - as expressed by the most frequently heard comment: “It just feels right. It’s the absolute truth. Deep inside of me, I somehow feel like I always knew all this—but I was not aware of it.”


Sod Ha’adam is unique in that its teachings are all culled from the best possible source - the Torah Hakedosha - ‘Authored’ by the highest Authority on mankind: our Creator. Hashem created us, He knows us best – knows precisely in which way we’ll be and feel our best.

The Sod Ha’adam course is not based off an existing method; its science has been exclusively and personally established upon foundations of Torah Hashkafa. Sod Ha’dam is a deep journey on the path of truth.

The personal growth process of Sod Ha’adam effects the whole person. It reaches various, diverse areas of challenge. Sod Ha'adam reaches the core. It goes past  external symptoms to the core of our essence, and as foundational healing takes root, the impacts are wide-ranging and far-reaching.


All who want to live better and want to help others live better…

  • from young women just starting on their path to great-grandmothers

  • from women with the strictest standards of Hashkafos, to those who seek "good old-fashioned" logic and experience

  • from Ashkenazi and Sefardi, to Litvish and Chassidish

  • women in Eretz Yisroel, the US, Europe and all across the globe

Do You Wish...

  • ...to better understand people, especially close family members and all those dear to you?

  • ...to understand yourself so that all the pieces of your life fall into place?

  • ...to understand your students better and to connect more to their world?

  • …to reach a new level of acceptance of yourself and others?

  • …to walk through life with more clarity and confidence?

  • …to free your child from her social, academic or emotional struggles, and help her achieve true happiness?

  • …to have more room in your heart for your loved ones - and for yourself?

  • …to have better, more meaningful relationships with people?

  • …to have a happier home? Be a calmer mother? Be more connected to your husband and children?

  • …to gain more confidence and authority as a mother?

  • …to live a more uplifting, meaningful and fulfilled life?

Sod Ha'adam the secret of unlocking the true splendor in oneself and others