The course that brought

Light into thousands of homes

and helped transform relationships and lives.

The course that helped thousands of women transform their relationships, their lives, and themselves.

Created by international lecturer Rebbetzin Tzivi Tukachinsky (Grama), Sod Ha'adam is a life-enriching course that helps you connect to the goodness within each person in your life — yourself included.

The Founder

Rebbetzin Tzivi Tukachinsky is a world-renowned lecturer and relationship coach known for her depth, warmth, and authenticity. 

Born and raised in Bnei Brak, Rebbetzin Tukachinsky grew up in an atmosphere saturated with kedusha. At 18, she launched her chinuch career at Bais Yaakov High School of Boro Park, where she taught high school students for well over two decades. 

Early on, the Rebbetzin was a confidant of many, as students and parents shared their struggles with her and received her wise counsel. Eventually, calls began to stream in from across the United States: mothers who heard of her inimitable grasp of human nature and transformative advice, asking about their children, their own challenges, shalom bayis issues, and more. Rebbetzin Tukachinsky’s revolutionary, Torah-based approach of how to work with people was producing unprecedented healing.

Today, Rebbetzin Tukachinsky is back in Eretz Yisroel, where she still guides thousands of individuals and advises parents, educators, and therapists with her trademark perspective.

She is a frequent guest lecturer at educational retreats, Y’mei Iyun, courses, and classes throughout Eretz Yisroel. She also lectures across Europe and the United States.


Rebbetzin Kolodetzky, Tichya

With this letter, I am verifying the gadlus and chashivus of Rebbetzin Tzivi Tukachinsky and her courses, which she presents to full-time mothers, well-known mechanchos, and leaders of highly respected schools and organizations.

They all attest that this course significantly enhances the beauty of their homes and enhances their lives. It is important to point out that this course is unique in that it is built b’derech HaTorah. I am warmly recommending Sod Ha’adam, from which all who join it will greatly benefit be”H. And I know that hundreds of thousands of women can testify that they already had the merit to participate in the course and thereby build their lives in a real way.

Rebbetzin Raizy Rottenberg

Rebbetzin Tukachinsky is well-known by many women who are deeply indebted to her for her vivid, brilliant and revealing shiurim that have empowered them to build their homes, and for having infused and uplifted their mindsets with true meaning, purpose, and direction in a spirit of joy. Her rich and vast knowledge is to be marveled at; they enable all those who take her course to receive a true and proper outlook and positive thinking in each situation that they encounter throughout their lives.

The incredible feedback that I have encountered over the many years is witness to the outstanding hatzlacha, all coming from a chashuve, most ehrliche, noble personality.

Harav S’rial Rosenberg, Shlita

Rav of Ramat David, Bnei Brak

I highly recommend Rebbetzin Tzivia Tukachinsky and her outstanding classes, which prove to be life-giving for Jewish women. All of her words are based upon our Torah, the words of Chazal, and Gedolei Hadoros. Here in Eretz Yisroel, her speeches have made a most significant impact; even renowned, esteemed educators and principals of the largest high schools and seminaries have attested to how they have gained substantial, genuine guidance in their Avodas Hakodesh. May she be gebentched with ongoing hatzlacha in all she does, and may she continue to infuse the pure, true hashkafos within our women, ad bias goel tzedek bimheira viymaeinu amen.