Get a good look at your world. And reveal the goodness that was there all along.

Turn your struggles into your splendor.

Learn timeless, holy wisdom from a teacher of thousands.

Join a community of powerful, positive women like yourself.

Transform your rich inner world — and the world around you.

With Sod Haadam, you’ll gain a deeply transformative understanding of human nature, and find the power within you to create powerful, far-reaching, and lasting change.

Experience life in the light.

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Start your journey here.

Start your journey here.

Access your growth via teleconference or podcast.

Foundation Course

Gain an understanding of the whole person

Learn the secret to building, the secret to healingGet past the stumbling blocks that stand in your way to inner clarity and resilient relationships

Begins ר״ח כסלו | Nov 17

Expansion Course

Awaken your essence.

Reveal the secret to uncovering the greatness within
Be Master of Your Own Mind

Take a journey to your essence and gain an awareness of your natural connection to Hashem

Begins ר״ח כסלו | Nov 17