Begin Your Journey of Unlocking The True Splendor of Yourself and Those Around You

With Rebbetzin Tzivi Tukachinsky (Grama)

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What is Sod Ha'Adam?

Sod Ha'adam - the secret of mankind, the secret of every one of us. The course of understanding oneself and others to the core - the nefesh of a Yid.

Its basic premise is the untainted truth: that the essence of every single yid is pure and wholesome, each infused with his own unique inner power and greatness; when negative behavior or problems develop, it is simply because the core is blocked.

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Teleconference Courses

Teleconference Courses

Sod Ha’Adam Level 1

בנין נפש האדם

Understanding the whole person. The secret of building, The secret of healing


Sod Ha’Adam Level 2

עורה כבודי

Awake My Glory:  An in-depth, hands- on, step by step process of rejuvenating the enormous wonder within oneself

What Participants Say

I gained the biggest gift – clarity. My heart became lighter, and all the pieces of my life just clicked into place.


Boro Park

I’m feeling a new smooth flow of life. Sod Ha’adam touches upon every part of me: my feelings, thinking, goals, middos, and avodas Hashem. Guilt has turned into acceptance; anger into understanding; anxiety into tranquility. I now know that my world and the world of Hakadosh Baruch Hu is one. I never realized how wholesome and true yiddishe life really is.

A Mechaneches

Bnei Barak

I am amazed at what happened to my family. I now realize that it’s not about my teaching them how to be happy, loving and accepting; it’s about my becoming all that, so that it naturally just spills over onto my family and others.